Maneuvering the Holidays

It feels like I blinked and Thanksgiving was over. I am not sure how your week of Thanksgiving went, but for me it was a great and crazy all at the same time. Before we know it Christmas will already be here! When you think about Thanksgiving and how you maneuvered the holiday, are you... Continue Reading →

No Plan Leads to Easy & Convenient

Our society today lives in the moment and struggles with the concept of planning ahead. ┬áThis is no fault to anyone; it is just how our world has changed over time. Over the years, I have been asked countless times on how to make a meal plan. When I begin talking about planning ahead, making... Continue Reading →

Change is Inevitable

For those of you who do not know me very well, I thrive in stability and order. I am a planner; my calendar for 2018 is filled and I already have events for 2019 planned as well. I work best with a schedule and like to know what is coming my way for the week... Continue Reading →

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