Fun Fact Friday: Favorite Recipes

Fun fact Friday, I love to cook and bake and eat it too! In the early years of my marriage, I would make dinners and desserts that took hours and loved spending time doing it. The art of cooking and baking was a way I decompressed and found joy in creating something amazing. Now, meals... Continue Reading →

One of My Favorite Things…

Lost Without My Marker Board! AKA...My menu plan for the week. One of my favorite things that keeps me going throughout the week is my marker board. It sounds so simple and silly almost, but without it, dinners would fall apart. Just like everyone else, some nights I come home tired and mentally drained. The... Continue Reading →

All About the Mango

I don't know about you, but I LOVE mangos! They are delicious, yet a pain to cut. In honor of National Fruit and Vegetable Month, I wanted to feature one of my favorite fruits. Here is one of the ways that my husband and I like to cut them. Steps to Cut a Mango Items... Continue Reading →

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