Fun Fact Friday: Favorite Recipes

Fun fact Friday, I love to cook and bake and eat it too! In the early years of my marriage, I would make dinners and desserts that took hours and loved spending time doing it. The art of cooking and baking was a way I decompressed and found joy in creating something amazing. Now, meals are mostly about nutrition and speed.

This week’s featured recipes are some of my favorites so that does not mean they are all the quickest. The recipes I wanted to share include:

  • Simple Sweet Potato Stew – fast to put together, cook basically until the sweet potatoes are soft and goes amazing with grilled cheese.
  • Salsa Verde Chicken – is a slow cooker recipe, quick to put together but obviously takes time to cook.
  • Honey Salmon with Wild Rice – this is an act of love and has many more steps than my normal weekly recipes, but if you have the time, it is super tasty!
  • Chimichurri Sauce – so yummy if you like cilantro, tastes amazing on chicken or steak.

Each day is a balancing act, but providing nutritious meals is top priority for my family. Do we eat balanced 100% of the time…no, but probably 80-90% of the time. Do we eat dessert…yes, most days of the week we eat something sweet. Our dessert may be a small piece of dark chocolate or a bowl of cake and ice cream. In my family, we view food as fuel, try to make wise food choices most of the time and believe all foods can fit in moderation.

Striving for perfection, when it comes to food, is like running after a finish line that never stops moving away from you. In our world, we are constantly bombarded with food recommendations. Some recommendations are legitimate and backed by science while others are complete nonsense. When it comes to nutrition, if something seems too good to be true it probably is. Health is a lifelong journey that never stops. If you assess the direction of your health and do not like the way it is going, reach out to me. It is never too late to make changes.

All recipes mentioned today, can be found on my blog and are hyperlinked above. I hope my recipes inspire you to try something new and your taste buds enjoy them!

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