Don’t Live in the Could’ve, Should’ve or Would’ve

I strive to live with no regrets!

“What if…”, “If only I had…” .Have you ever found yourself saying either of those statements? This weekend, I found myself in the ER over statements like this.

Mike and I decided to build an A frame swing set in the back yard. My parents had come over to help with the boys and assembly. We started early Sunday morning and we hoped to have it completed by the time the boys woke up from their nap. The weather was nice and we were all enjoying the time together. Everything for the swing set was going well and as planned. The boys went down for their nap and it was time to assemble all the pieces together. My mom and I were holding one side of the A frame. The top 4×6 beam was resting on our side of the A frame. My dad and Mike were carrying the other side and all of a sudden, BAM, I was hit on the head and back. I wasn’t too sure what happened, but I stood still and heard my parents and Mike rushing over to me and saying “Oh no!”.  Quickly, they lifted the beam off me and my parents told Mike to get towels. Drip, drip, drip….”hmm that can’t be good, I thought to myself.” I was bleeding and I assumed it was from the impact my head took from the beam. They walked me over to a chair and quickly applied pressure and ice. One of our amazing neighbors is a PA; she came and helped asses how bad it was. I stayed calm and tried to assess how I was feeling. Overall, I felt okay and in good spirits. Just a little freaked out about the amount of blood coming from my head. Our neighbor told us to go to the ER and that my parents and Mike had done a great job stopping the bleeding. Mike and I left the sleeping boys with my parents and off to the ER we headed. Now, fast forwarding the day, I walked out of the ER with good CT results and two staples holding my head together. The doctor didn’t even numb the site. He just washed it out and stapled me up.

So what does this do to my training and preparation for racing in four weeks? Well, about two days later, I got a stomach bug and found myself in the doctor’s office to make sure I wasn’t having more serious issues. Thankfully, it was just a stomach bug. But training has come to a halt for now. I still plan on racing, but not at the fitness level I had initially planned. I had goals of placing or at least getting top 10 in my age group. Now, those goals are not likely, but training will start back up gradually and as I feel appropriate. I’ll be getting the staples removed next week and will have to see what my doctor’s orders are from there.

Thinking of Sunday’s events, do I regret building a swing set? No, the boys love it! Would we have done things a little different? Yes, for sure. There is never anything positive that can come from beating yourself up about decisions you made in the past. Only life lessons can come from our past. I don’t hold anyone accountable for my injury; rather I am thankful for my family’s quick reactions and my neighbor’s assistance. We can’t prevent crazy things like this from happening, but I can come out on the other side with a positive mindset. If you tend to think about the past and find regrets, I encourage you to let it go. Learn from the past and let it improve who you are today. Hopefully, sharing my story this has helped you think about regrets you need to let go and move on from. Don’t let your past define who you are. Rather, let it improve your future and gain wisdom. Just like in training or a race day, you have to be flexible. Go with the flow and make wise decisions in the moment. Live in the moment, not the past.

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