FTP Test – 15 watt increase!

This is the look of a surprised and stoked triathlete! This week, I set a new PR on the bike hitting 3.29watts/kg. I have never been this strong and am pretty excited with the progress. My husband wants me to shoot for 4watts/kg so we will see where this journey takes me. Throughout all my training, I have never been as consistent with structured training like what TrainerRoad offers. I have biked hundreds of hours training for Ironman races, but this structure seems to be key.

I have now completed both TrainerRoad Sweet Spot Base Low Volume plans and have had jumps in FTP both times. The second block was their 6 week Sweet Spot Base Low Volume II plan. I am 7 months postpartum from my second son and working on rebuilding my triathlon base. While pregnant, I ran and biked the whole time. I was able to swim while our neighborhood pool as open, but it closed for the season early on in my pregnancy. Even though I ran and biked during my pregnancy, like most pregnant women, I got slower and shifted my focus from setting PR’s to staying healthy for my baby boy.

Being a mom, dietitian and triathlete, I love to share my journey in order to help others fine tune their daily intake. So many times, I hear about athletes restricting their intake during training or struggling to properly fuel. If you have ever taken an FTP test, you know it is a carbohydrate burning test. Going into the assessment, it is important provide your body with the fuel it needs to perform.

Below is my intake leading up to my afternoon assessment:

Breakfast 8:30am – Ezekiel raisin toast with cream cheese, eggs and spinach. I also had water and coffee with Stevia and creamer.

Lunch 12:00pm – Whole wheat spaghetti with turkey meatballs and marinara sauce with a side of broccoli. I had water to drink.

FTP Test at 2:30pm – I consumed an SIS gel during my spin down (10 minute easy spin prior to the test) and 2 scoops of Tailwind in water throughout the test.

Post-test, I have started doing a 30 minute workout post test, but due to my kids having poor naps that day, all I got in was the spin down and FTP test. Recovery fuel was a glass of chocolate Mootopia as I was running up to get my kids from their nap.

The key takeaways:

  1. Consistency with structured training is SO important. – TrainerRoad is AMAZBALLS!
  2. Fuel your body for your workout. – If it is a high intensity type of workout like an FTP test, you need carbs. Don’t be scared of them; learn how to use them to benefit your training.
  3. Timing is important. – Make sure you give your body some time to digest your food prior to beginning an assessment. You will learn your body and the time it prefers to have between meal and training. Some people need 3-4 hours between a meal and testing.
  4. Hydration is important. – Make sure to have adequate water intake throughout the day.

Hopefully this has enlightened you and brought some insight to your fuel and training. It is also important to remember that fueling for workouts is only part of the puzzle. You need to ensure your daily nutrition is appropriate for your needs. Having a solid foundation for your body to perform from is imperative to success. Feel free to check out my website, Fuel Fearlessly, for more info regarding my nutrition consultations. I would love to help you learn how to fuel for your performance.

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