My FTP Journey

Have you every completed an FTP (functional threshold power) test on the bike or 1 mile time trial run? They are a test of your current fitness and provide a baseline to your training until the next time you test. This week, was my first FTP assessment after my first 6 week training block postpartum. The training plans I use are from TrainerRoad. This past 6 weeks, I was following the Base Phase – Low Volume 1 plan. I am very happy to say that my FTP went up 12 watts! It has been a much more difficult task getting in consistent workouts now having two young kids. Trying to balance home life, work life and being active is interesting. All in all, I am blessed to be able to stay home with my boys and run my own business!

So, how did I get a 12 watt increase? Consistent training, quality sleep and proper nutrition was key. Quality sleep is hard to come by with a 5 month old, but I am at least making it a priority. What did I eat that day? All of my meals are consumed with my oldest son and to keep simplicity at meal times, he and I eat the same thing.

Here is the breakdown:

Breakfast 8-9am: Oatmeal square, grapes, egg omelet (whole eggs, cheese, spinach and avocado), coffee and water. He doesn’t get coffee. 🙂

*The recipe for the oatmeal squares (Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake) is on my blog.

Lunch 12-1pm: Salad, spaghetti and water

Right before the test 3-4pm: Fig newtons (Not normally what I do but I was hungry and they took the edge off till I could eat after the test again. You don’t want to eat too close to the test in order to reduce GI issues.); SIS gel (1 before the FTP test, 1 after since I did another semi-intense workout per TrainerRoad recommendations) and water

Post FTP test and 30 minute workout: Chocolate Mootopia…yum!

Do you think I will get another 12 watt increase if I replicate the day exactly?? No, probably not because a 12 watt increase is pretty significant for me. I had dropped 18 watts after having my second son. So, I still have a lot of ground to cover in order to regain my pre-baby fitness. I also hope that I can surpass my highest FTP (pre-baby) and continue to get even stronger. My goal in writing this blog is that maybe my story will inspire others to get back into a workout routine as well as help you think about what you are eating throughout the day. Maybe some of you are not eating properly which is impacting your ability to concentrate, manage hunger or even athletically perform. Food is your fuel and is very important to make a priority each day. If you have questions about how to better manage your daily food intake send me an email at

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