Let the adventure begin…how to balance being a wife, mom, triathlete & RD

Week 1 of training for my first 70.3 triathlon (since giving birth) has been completed and halfway into my second week. In the past, I have joined training groups like Team in Training and Alamo 180, but this time, I decided to go with TrainerRoad since I will be doing most of my bike training indoors. What an adventurous challenge this will be! Not only am I training for a triathlon, my husband is also training for crit and road races. Balancing being a wife, mom and business owner is a challenging act to say the least.

Week 1 – Lessons Learned

This is tough and completely worth it!

It takes verbal and physical support from others to make it happen.

Plan ahead – gotta meal prep.

Eat meals when he sleeps.

Plan easy/portable snacks I can eat when breastfeeding.

Plan recovery fuel and make it easy to eat when breastfeeding.

He will take a bottle and come back to me without any problems!

I miss my son when training, but I’m training to be an example for him.

This may sound odd to most triathletes, but my goals with this race is to get back into training and have fun. Getting on the podium would be great, but making sure to maintain my breast milk supply for my baby has become a higher priority. So far my supply and quality have been maintained, but I know this is just the beginning.  Choosing between getting a workout in or hitting all my power and speed goals is a normal reality now. For instance, yesterday, I did a run workout. Running smoothly with a jogging stroller is no joke. While my cadence and balance looked pretty good, my speed was just not there. Yesterday was one of those days I had to accept getting a workout in rather than hitting my speed goals; and that is ok.

One of the most challenging things I have come across is having the opportunity to eat enough throughout the day. I currently get 3 meals and 2 snacks in each day. Trying to cram all the nutrition needed into much less would be overwhelming for me personally. Most athletes I have worked with will appreciate this; I feel as though I am always eating, almost like when I trained for a full Ironman. There have been athletes I have worked with and they can’t believe the amount of food they need to consume in order to maintain fitness and recovery needs. The focus of meals and snacks is how I can ensure choosing nutrient and calorie dense foods that will help with training as well as maintain my breast milk supply.

Every time my baby naps, I find myself either training, eating, showering or cooking. I am learning that it takes an army to have a baby and train for a 70.3 triathlon! I am so thankful to have my husbands and mom‘s support. They have both come along side me with verbal and physical support being willing to take care of my son while I am training or working with other athletes. I love that I can go off and train or help other athletes with nutrition and know that my son will be loved, read too, stimulated and have important tummy time just like he would if I were spending time with him.

It would be so much easier to not train or race – that is a fact….but, that is not who I am. I am a triathlete. I was before my son and it is my goal to be an even better triathlete because of my son. It is my goal to be the example for my son in hopes that one day, he will work hard for what is important to him. He will not give up when things get tough and he will be motivated to go after his goal in life no matter what is thrown his way.

As I continue on this exciting and challenging endeavor of being a wife, mother, triathlete and Dietitian, I will share victories and challenges in hopes to inspire you to go after your goals no matter what! Happy Wednesday!  Until next time.

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