Making Memories During Breakfast

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! I am a MOM…oh my goodness! I am still in awe and amazement every time I look at my son knowing he developed inside of me. There is something so surreal about giving birth to a baby. Before I became a mom, I just didn’t understand and couldn’t relate. Now that I have crossed over to motherhood, each day, I try to remember my son is my gift from God. I think it is so important to remember that he is my gift that God chose specifically created for my family. While most days are filled with joy and lots of fun, there are times that being a mom is hard. Thinking this way, changes the way I handle difficult times during the day. I am very excited and blessed to be celebrating Mother’s Day in a different perspective this year.


Thinking back to my childhood, one of my fondest memories growing up is eating breakfast on the weekends together as a family. I remember waking up to the smell of breakfast being cooked by my mom or dad. My mom was, and still is, the French toast queen and my dad cooks the best omelets, among many other things. I feel blessed to have this memory and look forward to sharing breakfast together as my son gets older.

photo 2

In today’s blog, I wanted to discuss the breakfast mix, Kodiak Cakes. I have made waffles and pancakes from the mix and have enjoyed them. Warning though, I feel they have a bit of a “healthy” taste to them so if you are expecting grandma’s melt in your mouth buttermilk waffles, they aren’t quite the same. I do however feel a little better about having Kodiak Cakes on a regular basis for the sake of my health. I have tried the dark chocolate, peanut butter and cinnamon oat flavors. The peanut butter was not my favorite, the dark chocolate and cinnamon tasted better in my opinion. If you haven’t tried them, give it a shot.


My photo features batch cooking Kodiak Cake waffles for the week. Batch cooking has been something I started when I began Ironman training and have continued after having my baby. Next time you plan out your weekly menu, try batch cooking and see if it helps make your meals go smoother throughout the week.


Lastly, I want to wish all my readers who are mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day! If you have the blessing of spending time with your kids this weekend, remember they are your gift from God.

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