My water broke!

Last week, I shared Part 1 of my delivery story. If you missed it, you will want to go back and read “Living in denial my water broke…” Below is Part 2. I hope you enjoy!


Part 2

On my way to the hospital, I called my husband complaining that I missed lunch. I wanted to eat, but with everyone seeming to think I should get checked, I just left. The lunch I had taken was homemade Mexican food and not something I could scarf down quickly or while driving. Thankfully I had a bar in my purse! I usually keep them for emergency situations just like this one because a hungry Krista = a cranky and HANGRY Krista!  There was of course in the back of my mind, a possibility that I could get to the hospital and then go back to work in time for my 3:00pm appointment and possible eat my lunch before my appointment. Yes, I was still convinced I would be returning to work.


Leaving work, I realized that in all the birthing scenarios in my mind, Michael and I would be driving together when the time came. I would not be driving to the hospital while in labor all by myself. As I arrived to the hospital, I asked him what parking garage to park in. He replied, “Go to the valet.” I thought, um no. I don’t need to pay for parking and asked him again which garage to park in. For a second time, he insisted I go to the valet. I replied, “No baby, I can walk. What garage do I park in.” For the third time, a bit more lovingly stern, he said “Park in the valet.” I replied, “Ok, fine.”


Michael and I discussed whether he should come to the hospital or not. I told him not to come and to wait until I knew what was happening. I wanted him to save his vacation for the “real” delivery day. He insisted that he would come (like a good husband should do). I arrived at the hospital, drove up to the valet and told him I would keep him updated. He told me he was going to the med clinic on campus to get his Tdap and then would be heading out shortly. (Yes I know what you are thinking…no he had not gotten the shot yet but was going to in the next week or so. Better late than never!)


As I walked into the hospital, in my mind, if I am truly in labor, they will rush to my aid and get me in a hospital bed ASAP! Well…I walk in and say that I think my water may have broken. They asked, “Are you medically stable.” (What the heck does medically stable mean?) I replied, “Well, I drove myself here. So I guess so.” This was yet another sign that made me feel as though I was overreacting and my water had not truly broken. Yet, in the back of my mind, I knew I still was having to “pee” constantly and was unable to stop it. So many mixed emotions going through my head as I sat in the waiting room filling out paperwork; I felt like I was wasting time and money. I really felt I was wasting money when they told me the co-pay for the emergency room visit if I did not have the baby. I thought, WOW you have got to be kidding me! Coming in like a responsible person to get checked and they will charge that outrageous amount because I am trying to do the medically smart thing. I just wanted to stay at work but because of my Doula, husband and my co-workers here I am….


After all the paperwork was done, they asked me to sit in the lobby and wait. Another sign, I thought, that I am not in labor. At this point, my contractions continue and are a little stronger, so that is sort of throwing me for a loop if I am not in labor. It was my understanding that contractions only are consistent and get stronger when you ARE truly in labor. What a predicament in my mind.


As I wait in the lobby for a bed, I thought, I am starving! I missed lunch and if for some reason I AM in labor (which is not likely with how everyone is treating me) I won’t be able to eat anything once admitted. That emergency bar in my purse, I scarfed that down. I had another one, but didn’t want to throw it up later if this was true labor. By this time, it’s about 12:30 or 1:00pm and Michael arrived to find me in the lobby. They finally take me back to a room and I get all gowned up and checked to see if my water broke. Meanwhile, Michael and I are chatting and waiting for the results. Contractions felt like had gotten worse, but I thought that could also be due to my stress of being in the hospital. The nurse came back and much to my surprise (not so much Michaels apparently), she announces that my water had broken! She informed us that I am 2cm dilated and 90% effaced! I looked at her and said, “Ok so does that mean I am having the baby today?” She looked at me like I was crazy and said, “Yes, you are going to be admitted and have your baby today!” The contractions had been getting stronger, but once I heard I was truly in labor, everything got so real! I looked at Michael with a surprised smile on my face and said, “I am giving birth today! We get to meet Everitt today! Oh My Goodness! We are so unprepared. Our hospital bags aren’t packed; Everitt’s bag isn’t packed. Thank goodness I just washed all his stuff. We don’t have the car seat in my car. We have to tell our family and my Doula!”


And so the story of a type A, organized, prepared triathlete couple continues…we are completely caught off guard, unprepared and unorganized…I am sure this is just the beginning of what parenting is going to teach us. Michael and I both are firm believers that God’s plan is always better than ours. It appears that He had other plans for Everitt’s arrival and that we will not be waiting until March 10th to meet our precious boy.


You know the end of the story, so here are a few of my favorite photos. He makes so many faces during the day and I happened to capture a few.

Everitt Collage .jpg

Thanks for reading and keep an eye out for the last part of this adventurous delivery story!

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