Living in denial my water broke…

Delivery from a New Mom’s Perspective

Delivering a baby is quite a journey! I have to admit, being pregnant was way easier than delivering my baby boy. Being new mom, triathlete and dietitian, I thought yall might be interested in hearing my perspective and experience from the day I went into labor. Some of you reading this are going to shake your head in disbelief because I was in complete denial the day my water broke. Others of you will be able to relate in some way having been there yourself. Since my journey is turning out to be a lengthy blog, it will be a several week series. Hopefully you can relate, learn something from my experience or just enjoy my delivery story.


Part 1

What an amazing journey I have been on for the last 4 weeks! On February 11th, my life changed for the better. Michael and I got to meet our precious son, 4 weeks early. As I reflect on the magical day of meeting our blessing, I thought it would be entertaining to share my delivery story. While you read it, all you moms will be thinking I am crazy, but being unaware of what was happening, I just kept carrying on as I would any other Monday morning.


The morning of…February 11th was a Monday. Just like any other Monday, I had planned on going to work. In my mind, maternity leave would not start until March 1st, so I figured I had plenty of time to get ready for our little blessing to arrive. On Wednesday, February 13th, I had a sonogram scheduled and a routine follow up doctor appointment the next day. Just an average week, I thought, with normal checkups and things to be done.


At work, the only significant thing I knew that was happening this Monday was that a girl I worked with was coming back from maternity leave. It was going to be a busy day as I had a new patient coming in, several meetings and other patient appointments scheduled at the clinic I worked part time. I knew I wanted to make time to update the girl coming back from maternity leave and was hoping she would have as smooth a transition back as possible.


Monday morning, at 5am, I woke up and thought…”hum…did I just pee on myself?” I knew that as I got closer to my delivery date, my baby would be moving farther down and my bladder would be pressed on more and more. So the likelihood of peeing on myself was inevitable I thought. The strange thing was that when I tried to stop peeing on myself, I couldn’t. So as I walked to the bathroom and had trickles of “pee” going down my leg I thought, “Well that’s a bummer. I think I just peed on myself.” While I was peeing, I also felt sort of strange and like something was off. My alarm was set for 6am, so with another hour till I really needed to get up, I went to the couch in the living room to lay down so that I didn’t wake up Michael who would be getting up in 45 minutes or so. As I lay on the couch, Emma, our dog came out and was very velcroie (pretty sure that is not a wordJ ). She normally likes to eat when one of us gets up in the morning so I figured she was just hungry. (Looking back though, I can see that she knew something was definitely off.) Around 5:30am, Michael woke up and noticed I was not in bed. He came out and checked on me in the living room. He asked if everything was ok. I replied, “I think something is off but I’m not sure.” I had texted my Doula about what I was feeling and she asked if I had any pain. I had started to notice that I was having what felt like menstrual cramps that would come and go. She recommended I get checked to ensure that my water did not break. Like any normal, first time mother….I heard her but decided to wait to see if the “strange” feeling went away and the urge to “pee” every 5 minutes would stop.


As the morning continued, I got ready and left for work. Talking to Michael on the way, the “menstrual cramps” (now known as labor contractions) continued and were occurring every 5-6 minutes lasting about 30 seconds. Still, in denial, I drove to work and planned on carrying out the day. I mean, why would I be having real contractions? There is no way I am having a baby today?? It is only week 36.


Once I got to work around 7:30am, I used an app to track the contractions so that I could call my doctor and get further recommendations on what to do. Before my first patient appointment, I called and left my doctors nurse a message. We played phone tag for about another hour and a half as I was in and out of appointments and meetings.


This whole time, I’m still feeling as though I cannot control my bladder and as though I keep peeing on myself. Yes….I am still having trickling “pee” that I cannot figure out why. By this time, I had stopped drinking water (never a good idea when pregnant) since I had a back to back morning and knew I needed to be able to be present in my appointments/meetings rather than having to go pee every 5 minutes. Finally, before a meeting at 11am I had a “gush” of “pee” that I had to literally dry up and thought what is going on!?!?! After that, I told my boss and a few co-workers what happened. The co-worker who just came back from maternity leave suggested I go to the doctor and get checked. I was able to get ahold of my doctor’s nurse and she also recommended I get checked. Being what I call “dedicated” to my job, instead of following everyone’s recommendation to be checked, I went to my 11:30 am meeting. I know, I know…I felt that if I was having contractions, should I be in a lot of pain and unable to continue doing my job. Right?!? It wasn’t until this 11:30am meeting though, that I finally decided to play it safe. I handed off all my patient notes and appointments to my co-workers and left for the hospital.  In my head I was still thinking I would be back to work later and it is likely everyone is just being cautious.


Check back later for part 2 of my delivery story…


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