Radio Silence…Baby on Board!

Our Precious Baby Has Arrived!

Many of you know, I was pregnant with my first baby. Well, I am excited to announce that our baby boy has arrived! If you have been following my social media and blog, it may have seemed that I went on radio silence for the last few weeks. In fact, I have and it was for good reason. Our baby boy arrived 4 weeks early! He completely caught me off guard and unprepared. As a result, my work and social media has taken the back burner as I have been getting adjusted to my new lifestyle. I am madly in love with my baby boy and cannot imagine my world without him, but oh my, did life change sooner than anticipated. The whole idea of having a week off before he came to meal prep and get ready for his arrival didn’t happen. Obviously, God had other plans for our son’s arrival and I trust that He knows best.


So over the next few weeks, I am going to ask for your continued patience as I get back into the swing of posting blogs and recipes. For being am organized person, having a baby continues to help me grow with flexibility which I love and need.


Here are a few photos of our new family member.

He is sporting his very own Ironman onesie in the photo with me! 


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