Brick Workout Must-Haves

Happy Wednesday! I can’t tell you how thankful that I am still able to run and ride the trainer 35 weeks pregnant! Today, I was able to get a brick workout in and wanted to share some of my  favorite gadgets for all you athletes out there that might be looking for something to spice up your training.


Wahoo Kickr and Zwift

pregnancy 35 weeks with text
A side view for all of yall wanting to see the baby bump. 🙂

First off, I love our Wahoo Kickr! It makes trainer rides so much more realistic. During the ride, I can keep track of my speed, distance, power and cadence to keep training more like riding on the road. Zwift has been my favorites when it comes to a virtual indoor training course. I have always found Zwift to be much more interesting and more realistic to riding outside. They have different courses to choose from which help keep things interesting. Many other athletes who are “zwifting” at the same time also help keep me engaged and pushing through the work out.



Aftershokz Headphones 

Aftershokz in my favorite color make me happy!

Next I have thoroughly enjoyed using my Aaftershokz when I’m riding on the trainer. They allow me to enjoy music while still being able to hear what’s going on around me. I got the Trekz Titanium Mini’s and they fit perfectly. I look forward to being able to use them once my little man has arrived so that I can hear if he is crying or needing me.




Polka Dot Spibelt

I almost never leave the house without my Spibelt. I face the pouch behind me and it fits perfectly on my back. The only time I feel bouncing, is if I load it too full with nutrition and my phone. For the most part though, it is perfect for my runs or even walks with Emma.



Garmin Watch 935 and Running Dynamics Pod

garmin pod
Running Dynamics Pod – so sleek! 

When I upgraded my Garmin 935, I stopped wearing my heart rate strap. For some reason, I was starting to chafe from the heart rate strap when I ran and got tired of that oh so familiar feeling of chafing/burning after a long run. The new Garmin watch tracks my heart rate fairly well. The only inconsistency I have seen is when I ride the trainer. When comparing my heart rate strap to my watch on the bike, the strap is much more accurate. The Garmin running pod has also been a fantastic addition to my run equipment! The pod gives me all the important info on balance, cadence, oscillation and stride that my heart rate strap had been providing. It is easy to slip on my shorts and have never felt it bouncing around. Even when I use my Spibelt and pod together, I never have any issues with them bothering me. Note to self, do NOT wash the pod. It can be worn in the rain, but washing it could be detrimental. My Garmin is set up to remind me after each run to remove the pod so that I don’t forget.



My lifesaver…the FItSplint

Lastly, but definitely not least, the FitSplint has been a lifesaver. I know some people have tried using it when pregnant and it did not help at all, but for me, I could not run without it. My whole pregnancy, my baby has been sitting very low. The benefit is that I can breathe most of the time and don’t suffer from as much heart burn. The issue comes when I run. He is so low into my pelvic bones, that I needed a lot of support on my tummy and pelvic muscles to be able to maintain running. The belt has felt so supportive my whole pregnancy and I would highly recommend this to any woman who is pregnant!


Well, that is a wrap folks. I hope this helps provide some food for thought and maybe some ideas to help keep your training fun and engaging! Have a wonderful rest of your week and as always, Happy Training!

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