One of My Favorite Things…

Lost Without My Marker Board! AKA…My menu plan for the week.

One of my favorite things that keeps me going throughout the week is my marker board. It sounds so simple and silly almost, but without it, dinners would fall apart. Just like everyone else, some nights I come home tired and mentally drained. The thought of coming home and trying to figure out what to cook for dinner is the last thing I want to worry about. By making a menu for the week and going to the grocery store in advance, all I have to do when I get home is look at my marker board and it tells me what to cook. Or…even better, are the nights that Michael gets home before me and he starts cooking.  🙂 Without a plan, dinners would be much more difficult and stressful for both of us.


It sounds so simple because it is! I encourage you to spend some time this week, plan out your menu, write it down, get the groceries and see how easy the following weeks meals end up being!

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