Maneuvering the Holidays

It feels like I blinked and Thanksgiving was over. I am not sure how your week of Thanksgiving went, but for me it was a great and crazy all at the same time. Before we know it Christmas will already be here!

When you think about Thanksgiving and how you maneuvered the holiday, are you proud of yourself? Did you manage all the get togethers and festivities in a way your body said “Thank You!” or do you look back and feel frustrated about your choices? I wanted to share a few tips for the upcoming holiday events you might be attending.

Tips for the Holiday Get Together

  1. Plan Ahead – I always recommend having a normal food routine, but the holidays bring abnormal eating times, like dinner at 3pm. On those days, you can still have a plan. Think about rearranging your meal and snack times so that you don’t go to the festivities starving. It’s ok to have an early dinner; I would recommend planning on having a snack later on that night to prevent excessive hunger before bed.
  2. Bring It With You – Offer to bring a side dish or appetizer to help ensure you can find a variety to eat. Often times the holidays is when people pull out their signature dishes and forget about the veggies. If you know the event you are attending is likely to have plenty of sweets and starchy options, bring a veggie dish. I guarantee others will also be happy you did.  One of my favorite appetizers to bring is Caprese Skewers. Click HERE for the simple recipe.
  3. You Can’t Bank it – It is best if you do not skip meals or snacks throughout the day to “save” room for later on. Approach the day with a plan, eat meals and snacks throughout the day so it is easier to manage portions and prevents excessive hunger.
  4. Don’t Fret – Be mindful of what you consume and try to eat responsibly. Do not get so caught up on the food that you forget to enjoy time with family and friends.

These tips are simple and will make a huge difference for you next time you have a holiday party.

Feel free to leave comments below and share it with others who would be interested.

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