Be Fearless

So many triathletes are in peak season of training with their “A” races coming up. I wanted to write about what has inspired me to keep fighting for my dreams as a triathlete and in life in general. Last year when I was preparing for Ironman Chattanooga, I heard a song called “Fearless” by Jasmine Murray. This song became my motto for the rest of the season and was in my head as I jumped into the water race morning in Tennessee. When I finish the swim, I always think to myself, “Whew the swim is over, now the race can begin.” Amazingly, I had a peace come over me during the swim at Ironman Chattanooga like never felt before. I truly feel it was because I went in with a fearless mindset that was focused on trusting that God would guide me though the race.

chattanooga 2017
(2017 Ironman Chattanooga – heading out for the run! I just LOVE racing! It pushes me to be a better version of myself and face challenges as they come. There is no quitting or turning back…I’m an Ironman…as my husband reminds me when it gets tough.)

Ever since I heard this song, I have used it to keep me motivated to face fears and challenge myself in all areas of life. The song was also the inspiration for my blog and website. The chorus from Jasmine Murray’s song I often have in my head before any race, difficult training session, or general challenge in life is:

“I wanna be fearless!

No holding back, no backing down


Because I believe, You’re with me now

Bring on the unknown

Lead me and I’ll go

Come set me free

God, I want to be

Fearless! (I-I, want to be)

Fearless! (I-I, want to be)”

I want to encourage all you triathletes getting ready to take on Kerrville this weekend and all the other upcoming races, approach your race fearlessly! (I was going to list all the upcoming races, but there are a ton coming …hence it is peak season for “A” races. You know who you are and what race is coming up for you.) Strive for your goals, be fearless and but don’t forget to enjoy the journey. That is of course why you do triathlons…because you enjoy them.

All my readers who are not triathletes or those of you who don’t have upcoming races due to unforeseen circumstances, strive each day to live a fearless life. Give it up to God and trust that He knows what you future holds. Be fearless, don’t hold back, don’t back down. Strive to live life to the fullest and make each day count!

Good luck to all my friends doing Kerrville this weekend! I will be cheering you on!

To check out the full lyrics to one of my favorite songs “Fearless” click here.  To learn more about Jasmine Murray’s journey, click here. Enjoy!

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