Dealing with the Unexpected

Have you ever been in a situation where you were completely caught off guard by what you found?

Just recently I have been in several of those situations. How do you deal with the unexpected? Do you freak out, ignore the issue or are you good at keeping your cool and working through the situation? My life motto is “Living Fearless” but sometimes I let situations get the best of me before I put my fearless “cap” on. In this case, I freaked out and then calmed down and dealt with things like an adult.

The other day, I was doing laundry. Living in a household with two very active people, you would be amazed at the plethora of laundry we do each week. I was pulling towels out of the wash and as always, spin the washer (it’s a front load) to make sure I didn’t miss any item suck to the wall of the washing machine. As I turned away to start the dryer, I heard a clank. It was a strange sound, and since I washed towels, there was no reason to have a random lonely coin in a pocket like sometimes I find. I spun the washer again just to make sure I wasn’t hearing things and sure enough the clank happened again. Now, I did not have the light on in the room, because I had the blinds open for the window in our laundry room. As I reached in blindly, I thought to myself…maybe I should turn the light on…nah I will be fine. As soon as that thought had faded, I felt something hard and in my hand out came a big black beetle!

My “living fearless” moto went right out the window and I wanted to scream like a little girl and throw the beetle into the air. You might never guess because Michael and I are so outdoorsy, but there are a few bugs I really don’t like. Roaches are my number 1 despise. I run away from them and have a certain tone that Michael knows when I have found one and need his rescuing. Especially the flying ones; my fearlessness is not so strong when it comes to those yucky creatures. If I have to kill them, I can but not without a ton of stress and sweat! (Fun fact about Krista today…)

While beetles don’t terrify me, it was more just gross that I was holding a beetle in my hand. Thankfully it was dead, if not I would have thrown that sucker down faster than anything you could imagine. As I took a deep breath and calmed down, I walked to the trash can and threw him away like an adult.  🙂

In life you might be completely surprised by what you find. Maybe the surprise is in relation to your athletic abilities, a medical report, relationships, etc. I want to encourage you, rather than freak out like I did with the beetle at first, assess the facts and tackle the situation fearlessly. I am a believer of you are only given what you can handle. That doesn’t mean the situations will be easy, but it does mean you have the tools and preparation you need to work through the tough situations.

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