Always Changing Always Growing

A few weeks ago, I discussed how change is always challenging for me. This week, I wanted to discuss one of the biggest changes a woman can go through. Any guesses?!? I’ll give you a hint… Mirinda Carfrae and Gwen Jorgensen have both recently gone through this change.


Pregnancy is one of those things that I have placed on the back burner for so many different reasons. One reason is the fear of working so hard to reach a certain level of athletic ability and then have it all fade away. That may seem petty and small, but it is the truth. In 2008, I began running and working on speed, form and endurance. In 2014, I began racing in triathlons and have landed on the podium in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in various race distances.

Reading and listening to podcasts about Mirinda and Gwen’s journeys have both inspired me and given me hope that one day when Michael and I have kids, I can return to triathlon stronger than ever.  Both Mirinda and Gwen were amazing athletes before giving birth to their children and are an example of how hard work and dedication can help you return to your same, if not stronger, athletic capabilities after child birth. The choice does not have to be between racing and kids; it boils down to balance so that you can have both.

I wanted to give a shout out to Triathlon Taren and Talbot Cox, thank you both for the amazing interviews, photos and articles you both have created recognizing Mirinda and Gwen. Your work helps rookie racers like me be inspired and have hope to always shoot for more.


To follow Tim and Rinny on their journey of life, training and raising Izzy, check out their Youtube channel HERE. Dan Empfield from also featured Mirinda in this article New Mom Mirinda Carfrae Gets Ready for Return. Talbot Cox has several photos in the article and the featured image in my blog is one of his amazing shots.

To hear how Gwen and Patrick make parenthood and racing work, check out Triathlon Taren’s channel HERE. Lava magazine also interviewed Gwen; you can read about HERE.

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