Easy Breezy Kitchen Tip

If you have ever looked at themes by month, there are TONS of them! I was happy to see that one of the themes for June is Fresh Fruit and Vegetables.

Many people do not like to cook at home because it takes too long. Since this month is all about Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, my blogs are going to include some sort of tip for cooking or chopping that will speed up the cooking process.

Today, I want to share a trick on how to chop peppers fast and easy. Peppers add flavor to your food and come in all different colors. They can also be found in “snacking” size and are a little sweeter.

Steps To Chop Peppers

Chopping peppers collage .jpg

1. Wash pepper. Hold pepper horizontally and chop off top and bottom of pepper.

Chopping peppers collage 2.jpg

2. Core the pepper by cutting between the skin and white flesh. Discard the seeds and white flesh in composter.

3. Dice as desired and enjoy.


Come back next week to see what new fruit or veggie is featured! Feel free to ask questions or leave comments about other ideas for chopping or saving time in the kitchen.


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