Automatic Stress Reliever – One of My Favorite Things…

I’m not sure about my readers, but one of the struggles I have is that I carry stress in my shoulders and neck. There comes a point that the discomfort and stiffness will make it difficult to fall asleep. I typically wait until I cannot bear it anymore and then finally set up a massage to release all the tension. One of my favorite things is to go spoil myself with a massage!

When training for my first Ironman, I had immobilizing neck pain after long training rides on the bike. It would get so bad that by the end of the ride, I had a really hard time turning my head back to look for oncoming cars. That’s kind of a necessity when riding on the road. My poor husband gave me countless massages trying to just keep the mobility in my neck. When stress and training combine, the stiffness is even worse. It seemed like just as I found a masseuse that I loved, they would disappear. Finally, I had a friend and fellow Ironman tell me about Yolanda Guadiana (Yoli), from Pro-Health Therapies. She is AMAZING! She also has a partner, Cleo Ovalle, who is quite good too! The only reason I was able to maintain mobility throughout the intensity of training for two Ironman races was because of my one or two monthly massages by Yoli.

While I would LOVE to get a massage every week, my budget would not appreciate that. In order to prevent breaking the bank, I purchased a Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager off Amazon. It has been wonderful in between massages from Yoli. During Ironman training, I try to use the Shiatsu massager before all long bike rides and have noticed a significant increase in my neck/upper body mobility.

If you struggle with neck and shoulder pain, I highly recommend looking into a massager as well as going to Pro-Health Therapies! They will both make a world of difference.

I wanted to give a shout out to the best masseuses in San Antonio: Yoli and Cleo! Check them out if you are close to San Antonio.

Pro-Health Therapies (85 NE Loop 410, Ste 214, San Antonio, TX 78216), Tele: 210-375-4408     |     Fax: 886-381-5557  

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