How to Maneuver NIOSA from a Dietitian and Athletes Perspective

If you have ever visited San Antonio during Fiesta, you won’t forget your experience. Back in 1891, Fiesta began as a one-parade event that honored fallen soldiers from the Alamo and the Battle of San Jacinto.  Fiesta has developed into one of San Antonio’s largest celebrations that recognize the diverse cultures within our city. This 11 day celebration has something the whole family is sure to enjoy.

During Fiesta, one of the memorable events is called NIOSA which stands for “A Night in Old San Antonio”.  NIOSA is a four night celebration in downtown San Antonio. Today’s blog includes a few tips on how to maneuver NIOSA in a way that will hopefully not impact training as much if we approach it with mindfulness and preparation.

Tips for NIOSA

  1. Plan Ahead –It may be hard to believe, but there are better choices that can be made when at NIOSA. Below are a few booths that will provide a better choice when eating at NIOSA.

Frontier Town – Texas Bird Legs

Haymarket – Beef Fajitas

Main Street – Pulled Pork Sandwich

Mexican Market – Fruit Kabob

Villa Espana – Shrimp Parilla

Villa Espana – Baja Fish Tacos

  1. Share – Trying the food at NIOSA is a must. If you are going to choose something less than optimal for training the next day, share the food with friends. Again, be mindful of choices and at the same time, do not fret over eating something unique and a little less than healthy. Smaller portions through sharing is a great idea!
  2. 1 for 1 Rule – After every alcoholic beverage consumed, drink a full glass or bottle of water. We can only handle so much liquid so this will help you slow down and enjoy your night a little more. On a side note from your local Dietitian: the general recommendation is that women have 1 drink per day and men 2. Alcohol and training never blend well so be mindful if you have an early training the next day. try to re-arrange your schedule or get it done earlier so you can relax a little more when out with friends at NIOSA.
  3. No Savings– Often people want to “save” their calories for later when they are going to an event like NIOSA. It can be dangerous to save calories because that may lead to overeating due to excessive hunger. Whereas you would be better off eating meals and snacks leading up to NIOSA and starting the night less hungry with more self-control.

If you are interested in checking out any of the events for Fiesta, click HERE.

Viva Fiesta from San Antonio!

As a fundraiser supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), I created Fiesta medals (featured photo above) and will be giving all the proceeds to LLS. If you are interested in donating to receive a medal, check out my fundraising website by clicking HERE. : Click on “BUY MERCHANDISE” on the right side of the page and make sure to put your name, contact info and a note that says you donation is for a medal so I can get it to you.

Photo courtesy of Jess Baerg, the owner of Two Run Zero. Jess is a small business owner in San Antonio who loves to coach one-on-one or in group settings. I have sent many of my athletes (of all abilities/levels) to her and they all have LOVED her! 

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