Need for Speed

Most athlete who I consult one-on-one, are looking for nutrition education as well as a new edge in their sport. The new edge may be a new protein powder, electrolyte supplement, BCAAs or even antioxidant green drinks. The options are endless. When selecting a new supplement, key word supplement, it is important to ensure the products are free of banned substances. I like to use or to find safe products and look into personal reviews to get an idea of taste, flavor, bendability, etc. It is very important to remember that these products are not replacements for real food. Nutrient absorption and bioavailability will ALWAYS be better when consumed from real food. However, I do understand the desire to have some of these convenient products in your pantry at home.

Over the last few weeks, I have communicated with several companies who have sent me product to try and promote if I like them. This week I am going to review two products I tried out this last weekend. To give you a little background on my activity, I used these products, during my run on Saturday. First, I swam about 2300 meters and then ran for 1:20 hours.

Note: Typically, I recommend trying one new product at a time, just in case something does not sit well with you. This weekend, I did not listen to my own advice and tried two at once….thankfully all was swell!

BIOSTEEL High Performance Sports Mix

Flavors: Mixed Berry, Lemon-Lime and Orange

Description: This is an electrolyte supplement that is mixed in water. I used a 20 ounce water bottle for 1 packet of mix. The main ingredients include amino acids, electrolytes, B vitamins, sea salt and stevia. Each blend has slightly different ingredients for flavoring.

Review: The flavor is palatable and sweet. After shaking 30-60 seconds, it blended well in water; I did not have any chunks or chalkiness when drinking it. This was the first day running in afternoon Texas heat and did not have any issues with cramping or muscle fatigue.


Flavors: Cherry, Orange, Citrus, Raspberry, Apple, Espresso, Lemon Lime, Berry, Lemon Mint, Chocolate *some available in caffeine*

Description: The gel is recommended as an easy way to consume carbohydrate during activity. They are easily digested and do not need water to help wash down after consuming.

Review: About 15 minutes into my run, I consumed the gel after a hard effort to take back my QOM on a segment on Strava. (I got it back J) The gel was palatable and not too strong in flavor. Personally I like supplements to be a little more on the mild side of flavor; therefore I liked this gel and would recommend others to try.

Hopefully this review has helped your learn about other options that are safe of banned substances and appropriate for athletes to consume. I would love your feedback and opinions of your supplements.

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