Go Further with Food

Ever since 1980, March has been recognized as National Nutrition Month. The theme this year is “Go Further with Food”. In response to the theme, I decided to pose a question to my readers….

What would it look like, if you could go further than ever before?

 What image popped into your mind? Was the image focused on family, spirituality, personal character, health, fitness, travel or career based? What does greatness look like in your life? What is holding you back from going further than every before and pursuing your dreams?

As a Dietitian, I have the privilege of helping people learn how to pursue their dreams along with optimal health every day! So, now I am going to challenge you…take one step towards your dream and comment below what your step will be.


As a side note, today is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day! So to all my fellow RDN’s, Happy RDN Day!


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