The Innie or Outie Concept

I want to give a heads up that today’s article is going to be WOMEN focused. The link to the article (listed at the bottom of the blog) is VERY VISUAL of the woman’s anatomy and I am giving fare warning if you check it out!

Men: I did not want to leave you completely out, so click HERE for the link to Cobb’s website for help selecting the right seat for you. There is nothing visual on your links.

Women: Have you ever hopped onto a bike seat and thought, “how in the world do people sit on bikes for hours on end?”. Cobb posted an article called “The Innie or Outie Concept” that changed the way women select bike seats. The article describes and shows how the female anatomy differs and helps educate women on how best to select a bike seat that is better for their anatomy.

If you are struggling with numbness, pain, saddle sores or discomfort on the bike, maybe it is time to look into a different bike seat. Click HERE to check out the article. I found it very helpful when it was time to purchase a new seat. While, I would never say that my bike seat feels like clouds, it is definitely much more comfortable than any other seat I’ve tried. Being a 2x Ironman, I have been on my bike for quite some time and can say having the right bike seat makes all the difference!

I would love feedback, comments or questions! Thanks for taking time to read my blog.


The Innie or Outie Concept Article

Seat Selector Guide

I was not paid or compensated to feature Cobb.

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