Cocoa Half Marathon

Cocoa Half Marathon Race Report: February 11, 2018

Official Stats
Category (30-39 Females): 3/83
Finishing Position (Out of both genders): 11th
Finishing Position (Out of only females):  7th
Finishing Time: 1:40:18.4
Pace:  7:39 min/mi

Stats off Garmin
Distance 12.61 miles; Pace 7:58/mi; Time 1:40:24

Race morning
The weather was about 45 degrees and 5-10 mph wind. There was alot of moisture in the air, but thankfully the rain never came! EVERYTIME I run with Kay (the lovely lady on the left side of the photo) it rains, is always freezing cold and extremely windy! Today….at least it didn’t rain! I can handle the wind and cold.

When we started, there were quite a few people we had to pass. The course had a few out and backs along the way and we were able to see a few athletes we knew. It’s always nice to see friendly faces along the course!

The race went pretty well, until around mile 5. My cardiovascular and muscular strength felt great, but I have been struggling with hip pain and have yet to figure out the cause. Initially, I assumed it was due to inflexibility, and it still could be, but I have been working on that area of my training by making sure to have good dynamic warm ups and nice long static stretching afterwards.

*Foam rolling could be a bigger part of my recovery and a massage……I need to figure out what is going on with my hips.*

From miles 6 to 9, the roads became very uneven and the course entered into a local park that had very uneven roads. The uneven roads completely did my hips in and for the rest of the race I was in pain. Looking back at my data, I can see my balance changes from my left and right foot. I began favoring my right side and my left began to take the brunt of the work.

With my husband by my side and encouraging me to push, I was able to finish strong, PR and reach my goal of under a 2 hour half for the second time. His encouragement and belief in me is what keeps me going when I want to quit. With his help and God’s grace, I was able to place 3rd in my age group!

By the time we finished the race the weather had dropped into the 30’s and the wind had increased to 10-15 mph winds. It was COLD!


Overall, it was a great race. I would compete in the race again and would hope to have my hip pain figured out so that I could push even more like I know I could.

Thank you to my hubby, Michael, Kay, Davy and Stephen for being there and supporting in your own wonderful way!

PS: Last nights dinner was grilled chicken, baked sweet potato and mixed frozen veggies. Breakfast was white Daves Bread toasted with jelly. Just in case y’all wanted to know a Dietitian’s race fuel.

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