Hello, my name is Krista and I am a breadaholic….. Yes, I know I am a Dietitian, but bread is one of my favorite foods.

There are so many thoughts about bread, gluten and wheat. Personally, my body does not seem to have any inflammatory responses and I feel amazing when I choose a healthier option of bread and consume it in moderation. However, I am completely aware that other individuals either are allergic, sensitive or just plain feel better when they eliminate bread from their dietary intake. I completely respect their decision and often times encourage it because they are the only one who know their body best!

Personally, one of my favorites is Dave’s Killer Bread. It is loaded with whole grains, fiber and omega-3s. Though it may look small, this bread provides satisfaction without any artificial flavors or preservatives. It tastes amazing and packs a nutritious punch! I love to top it with avocado, eggs and spinach for a delicious breakfast!

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