The New & Improved Nutrition Facts Label

What’s New?

The Nutrition Facts Label is getting a face lift! As consumers, we try to be mindful of what we choose, but sometimes want to know more about the product we are selecting to make a healthier choice.  Below is a brief description of the changes you will begin to see this summer. If you would like to see a video or more in-depth article check out these links: Video or Article.

Upcoming Changes:

  1. Serving Size – Serving sizes have been updated to represent a closer comparison to what people actually consume.
  2. Fonts & Text Size – The font for calories and serving size has been increased and bolded. Servings per container has been enlarged due to consumers often overlooking this aspect of the label.
  3. Added Sugars – Added sugars are now included on the label. The term, Total Sugars have always included natural and added sugars. Now we can easily determine the natural sugar in the product versus the sugars added.
  4. Vitamins & Minerals – Potassium and Vitamin D have been added to the label. According to NHANES, American’s don’t consume enough of these nutrients. Click on each nutrient, for more in-depth information on the role of each as well as food sources: Potassium, Vitamin D, Iron, Calcium.

Here is a quick note on these key vitamins and minerals.

  • Potassium – assists with cell, organ and tissue function; key for muscle contraction and heart function
  • Vitamin D – builds and maintains bone strength; improves the immune system
  • Iron – carries oxygen rich blood to the cells; very important in the production of  energy
  • Calcium – builds and maintains bone strength; absorption is dependent on magnesium, vitamin D & K and phosphorous; caffeine, soda and alcohol and reduce absorption

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